Edward hay the founder of the Philadelphia US based Hay Group, developed Hay method of job evaluation. The Hay analysis method of job evaluation uses a consensus based analysis by a group of evaluators to measure the relative complexity of every job in an organization. At the heart of this kind of job evaluation are the points awarded to a job on the basis of complexity of three criteria; the know-how, the problem-solving skills, and the accountability levels that relate to a job. Each job has certain complexity, or size, which can be measured by a standardized and transparent evaluation technique that, in turn, yields a number. The final score is then a linear measure of job’s complexity. So, a job with a score of 1,200 HAY points can be related directly to the compensation that the company should be getting within the context of particular company. Once all jobs in the company are awarded HAY points, it’s easy to prescribe the correct hierarchical levels within the organization.


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