Organizations always aspire to develop good managerial talent for their future needs. It may be called the talent pool or succession planning. In furtherance to this objective, leading organizations annually visit reputed in the field of management, engineering and many other fields to select best brains that pass out of these institutions. It is common to see established companies and their arch rivals fighting it out in the campus wars. Consequently, searching or alluring the potential candidate from the campus is not a simple matter. In order to decide which campuses to visit organizations concentrate on such factors as curriculum, specialization, quality of classroom education, strength of faculty, and depth of support systems such as library, computer lab, etc. These super achievers from the campus are offered anywhere between Rs 3 lakhs p.a. to Rs 10 lakhs p.a. depending upon the standing of the campus in terms of the performance of the students. Organizations in order to make a long lasting impression need to plan its campus strategy, namely – highlighting the corporate culture as a good reason to work for the company, focus on career growth opportunities, include the alumni in the recruiting team, explain the organizational environment in terms of levels of responsibility, degree of autonomy, extent of elbow room and potential and scope for learning.


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