Have you ever wished to know your interest in life, this powerful tool helps you to find your interest and it will suggest best jobs that suits your character
This tool help you to find your interest. It does take 15-20mins and you can do it by your own.

Questionnaire and scoring key can be downloaded through this link[Download Tool]. You must strictly follow the instructions given in the questionnaire.


Tool Outline:

This tool is based on six categories of interests and skills

Doing things
Practical people enjoy being in contact with real things, such as machines, plants, fabrics, animals, circuitry, engines, food, tools, technical equipment, flowers, clothes, make up, chemical and biological substances, plastics, glass, metal, building materials, containers, etc
Anything which needs making, mending or manipulating on a large or small, intricate scale will satisfy the doers of this world.
Practical people apply skillful, agile coordination of hand, eye and body to produce work in the world of concrete reality. They often like to be outdoors and can solve problems by practical logic. They avoid boredom by putting their hands to good use.

Thinkers enjoy investigating, analyzing, theorizing, diagnosing, evaluating and understanding. They think about things before taking or recommending any action. Any situation or idea that needs logical or scientific thought will satisfy the thinkers of this world, who are often introspective.
Thinking people collect ideas, read to acquire them, and usually have unconventional ways of making decisions. They are studious and independent, with interests in the physical sciences and medicine. People who enjoy thinking like to use their minds and trust their own logic and insight better than that of anyone else’s. They solve problems by using their thinking skills and avoid boredom by taking up intellectual challenges.

Imagining ideas
Imagining people like creating or inventing new ideas or new ways of applying old ideas. They enjoy art, drama, music, sculpture, dance, architecture, literature and all forms of design. Whenever they can toss around ideas, focus on feelings, intuition and unexpected angles, they will produce something new.
Imaginative people prefer variety and any sight, sound or texture is a joy to them. They are interested in people and places and their own inner responses to the inner world. People who enjoy using their own imagination are sensitive and expressive. They do not like to be tied down to a structured routine and prefer free- wheeling existence. They solve problems b creating unusual solutions. They escape boredom by moving into their own inner world and becoming totally absorbed in imaginative, creative process.

Communicating with people
Communicative people enjoy getting a response from others. They are sociable and enjoy occupations where they can help, support, protect, encourage or inspire others. Human relationships have priority in their lives.
Communicators are interested in the human stories behind world events and may work as responsible documentary reporters. They would certainly enjoy work in the social sciences, teaching, nursing, counseling and community-based occupations. They are tactful and concerned and enjoy sharing other people’s joys and problems. Many love contact with live audiences and use their skills of empathetic communication in areas such as comedy and singing.
Communicators do not particularly enjoy being alone and prefer to live in a partnership and work with people. They solve problems by discussion with other people. Boredom never occurs while they are in human company.

Managing Enterprises
Managers are interested in any enterprise that has an element of risk and excitement. They like to stretch themselves and others and they enjoy the stress of winning through against all odds.
Managers are ambitious, self confident, hard working, independent people who use energy, skill, knowledge and an ability to handle people to achieve results. They can motivate people, solve problems, make decisions, communicate enthusiasm and persuade people to do what seemed impossible.
Managers thrive on variety, power, status, money and the ability to make things happen. They know how to resolve conflicts, bring the best out of people and delegate effectively. They solve problems by taking a risk and do not understand the meaning of boredom.

Organization information
Organizers are interested in facts, projects, administration, routines, and structures. They are well organized people and enjoy using times, facts, figures, legal material, files, computer systems. Word processors and anything that can be ordered structured and subjected to formal reasoning.
They love projects which require complex, detailed organization. They enjoy routines, certainty, power, status and working in large companies.
They enjoy controlling stores, quantity surveying, collecting things, displaying collections and making detailed catalogs. Problems are solved by using careful, logical steps.


hi nice work but why there isn't the test available in this particular link? Can you make it available again here? Thanx..

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