How to be an even better

This book is for those who want to develop their managerial skills
and competences. It covers all the key skills that managers use, and
refers to the main aspects of managing people, activities and themselves
with which they need to be familiar.
You can dip into this book at any point – each chapter is selfcontained.
But it would be useful to read Chapter 1 first. This
defines the overall concept of management and the areas in which
managers need to be competent, thus providing a framework for
the succeeding chapters. These cover the following areas:
■ Managing people: appraising, coaching, communicating, conflict
management, delegating, developing people, handling difficult
people and negative behaviour, getting job engagement, leadership,
managing under-performers, managing your boss, motivating
people, objective setting, performance management,
power and politics, providing feedback, selection interviewing
and team management.
■ Managing activities and processes: change management, controlling,
co-ordinating, crisis management, how things go wrong and how to put them right, meetings, organizing, planning,
prioritizing, project management and strategic management.
■ Managing and developing yourself (enhancing personal skills):
achieving results, assertiveness, clear thinking, communicating,
being creative, being decisive, developing emotional intelligence,
effective speaking, getting on, how to be interviewed,
influencing, managing stress, negotiating, problem-solving and
decision-making, report writing, self-development, and time

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