Psychometric testing

“Psychometric” literally refers to ‘mental measurement’ and ‘psychometric’ tests attempt to make objectives standardized measures of behavior. They are often divided into tests of general intelligence , tests of specific aptitudes and tests of personality but tests purporting to measure qualities or attributes exit. Most of the valid and reliable psychometric tests are available only to suitably qualified, trained personnel in order to ensure that tests are used appropriately. Given the proliferation of occupational tests in recent years, it is best to consult a chartered psychologist. Measures of cognitive or mental abilities are increasingly used to provide data for decisions about selection, placement, training and development. Most research conducted over several decades his shown that cognitive ability tests are among predictors of job performance.



This is a nice well written post about psychometrics. One caution - the term "Chartered Psychologist" is used only by the UK and other former colonies of the British Empire, except not in the US. Americans don't use this term, and each states' law is different. Mostly those who are legally allowed to use the term "Psychologist" are only those who are trained Clinically, and do not allow people like me, Industrial-Organizational Ph.D.s to call themselves "Psychologists", even though I'm highly trained in psychometrics and create valid instruments for organizations. This is because Clinical Psychologists outnumber Cognitive, Social, Personality, Industrial-Organizational combined, so they've been able to manipulate the laws in their favor and keep out the rest of us.

Nevertheless, your guidance is well heeded to be careful about what type of test, assessment, or survey one purchases and make sure it has good validation work. I'm most fond of Rasch Measurement approaches, and have a free white paper on computer-adaptive testing applied to leadership due diligence here

December 13, 2008 at 6:39 PM  

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