Change Management

Organizations must adapt to increasingly complex and uncertain technological, economic, political and cultural changes. The awareness on the part of the organization on the need to change and then putting in place the machinery and process to achieve the change is change management. The creation of a change management approach to facilitate an organization to create effective responses to these changes and, in many cases proactively influence the strategic direction of the film is a must. After all organizations are in the midst of unprecedented uncertainty and chaos and nothing short of a management revolution will save them. Three major changes are shaping change in organizations globalization, information technology and managerial innovation.
Change agent is the term for anybody whose role in some management development program, or possibly in some wider corporate context, is to facilitate change. In many of the cases it is the outside consultant who is a change agent till the change is put in place subsequent to which it is an internal person who takes over. In recent times it is argued and expected that every good manager must be a change agent


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